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Farm Fuel System

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Envirosafe’sFarm Fleet fuel system is designed for maximum output on a budget. It is great for larger applications that don’t want all the bells and whistles as our Commercial Fleet but still want a solid tank and system designed and manufactured by Envirosafe. Ideal for the following industries: trucking, municipalities, buses, large farms, ready mix trucks, and any other large applications that need high flow and a quality tank that will last.

Envirosafe 5,000-30,000 Gallon Farm Fleet System


A. ¾ Hp FE Petro Submersible Pump
B. Lifting Lug
C. 8” Emergency Vent
D. Krueger Interstitial Leak Gauge
E. 18” Manway
F. 3” Stack Vent
G. 2” Anti-Syphon Valve
H. 818 Clock Gauge
I. 7.5 Gallon Overspill Container
J. Ladder with Safety Shield
K. Fill-Rite Moisture Hand Pump
L. Automatic Shutoff Nozzle, 18’ Hose, Swivel, and Breakaway

Standard Generator & Boiler Fuel System Package

All Tanks Include:

  • Morrison Bros. Emergency Vents
  • Morrison Bros. Atmospheric Vents
  • Chemline Epoxy Exterior Primer
  • Mounted on Saddles with engineered hurricane tie downs
  • 16″ (500 – 1,000 gallons) or 18″ (2,000 – 30,000 gallons) Manway
  • Standard Openings

System Images
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Petroleum Equipment Institute Member         UL 2085 Listed       Steel Tank Institute       tank financing option
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