Fuel Tank High / Low Level Alarm

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Envirosafe™ Above-Ground Fuel Systems carries a overfill alarm (high and low level alarm) for above ground fuel tanks and other bulk fuel systems. Our high level alarm alerts you with an audible siren when the tank is in danger of being overfilled. Also notifies you when the tank is at low fuel level. Suitable for the storage of a variety of fuels including gas, oil, methanol, diesel, and alternative fuels.


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Morrison Brothers 918TCP0500 AA High / Low Level Alarm

High or Low Level Interstitial Alarm

The 918-TCP0500 alarm and float level sensor can be set to provide an audible alarm for a high level, low level or serve as an interstitial alarm.

Provides an audible alarm for either a high or low level warning. Incorporates an alarm box and a single-point level sensor. Contains a battery powered, intrinsically safe, alarm unit that is mounted remote from gauge.

The single point level sensor is immersed in the tank through a 2″ NPT Female opening and is supported by a nylon liquid tight cable connector, Teflon tubing and wire.

The high or low activation point is set at the factory. The order length should be equal to the distance from the top of the 2″ tank opening to the desired activation level.

The low level activation point can be set up to 113″. The interstitial monitor level can be set up to 113″ as well. Available with either 0-53″ probe or 53″-113″ probe.

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Call us at 800-555-4754 for the high / low level overfill alarm you need for your bulk fuel tank (AST). We offer low prices and quick shipping on our fuel tank overfill alarms.

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