Bulk Fuel Tank Additives

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bulk fuel tank additives

Biobor Fuel Additives

The Biobor® line of Fuel Additives dramatically reduce fuel costs by improving gas mileage, prolonging engine life, and eliminating sludge for cleaner combustion. The result is better mileage and a cleaner burning engine.

Biobor EB – Ethanol Treatment for Gasoline

Formulated to prevent the negative effects of ethanol blended gasoline in the marine environment.  Technology proven in our aviation additives allows EB to delay phase separation in fuel tanks while controlling moisture and preventing corrosion for complete engine protection.  Engine efficiency and performance is increased while detergents remove carbon deposits and varnishes, resulting in an overall better running, cleaner engine, plus adds lubricity to vital engine parts. Biobor EB also stabilizes gasoline for 18 months.  1 ounce treats 15 gallons.  Exact-measure, “EZ-squeeze” bottle ensure that you dispense the correct amount.

Biobor JF- Diesel Biocide and Lubricity Additive

Used by commercial airlines since 1965 and the only biocide recommended by major diesel engine manufacturers worldwide, Biobor JF will kill existing algae and bacteria growth in contaminated tanks plus keep fuel clean with continuous use.  Works equally well in the fuel and water phases. Regular use will dramatically reduce fuel filter plugging/usage and fuel system corrosion.  Biobor JF also adds lubricity back to ULSD exceeding ASTM standards, protecting injectors and fuel pumps. Even protects fuel for storage up to 2 years. Remarkable treat rate of 1 oz treats 80 gallons.

Biobor MD – Marine Diesel Additive

The most comprehensive additive available for your diesel engine, Biobor MD will provide maximum efficiency and protection while on the water and completely protect your fuel during storage.  Cetane is raised by up to 6 numbers which along with combustion improvers results in more complete combustion, better fuel economy and reduces soot deposits up to 94% that stain gelcoat surfaces.  Additional benefits include detergents that clean injectors, added lubricity protects pumps and injection systems and corrosion inhibitors. Biobor MD also stabilizes diesel fuel for storage, controls water and anti-gelling properties that protect fuel during winter operation and storage.  Two ounces treats 15 gallons.  Exact-measure, “EZ-pour” bottle ensures that you dispense the correct amount.

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