Fuel Management Systems

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Fuel Management SystemsEnvirosafe™ carries the SentryGOLD is a Windows-based fuel management system that delivers full-color graphics, touch-screen displays, visual and audio instructions – in English or Spanish, and more.

Cost Effective:

Trak’s fuel management system is completely self-contained with everything necessary to automate and manage fuel dispensing. With it you can control access to fuel, track usage and cost and interface to fleet management systems. Since time isn’t wasted manually recording transactions, fueling time is decreased and time on the road is increased.

Interfaces with Corporate Systems and Applications

Trak’s SentryGOLD conforms to the latest technical standards, giving it the flexibility to fit into almost every corporate environment. The SentryGOLD’s software is Windows-based and can be used standalone or networked on any IBM or compatible computer. Recorded data is maintained in database files and can be exported to flat ASCII files, Excel, Crystal Reports and more.

Easy to Maintain

Single Stack Unit – All electronics are located in one “box” for ease of use when switching out parts – no computer skills are needed.

Touch Screen – There are no moving parts so it is unaffected by dirt or windblown sand. The housing is built with powered-coated steel making it virtually indestructible.

Eliminates Lost Transactions during Power Outages

The SentryGOLD stores 500,000 transactions for 10 years in flash memory even without power. Transactions performed manually during a power outage are stored in memory and recorded once the power is restored.

Interfaces with Accounting & Fleet Maintenance Programs

Currently Trak interfaces to over 40 fleet maintenance systems, accounting/financial systems and asset management systems. The Sentry’s flexibility helps us to ensure that our data interfaces flawlessly with the other systems.

Fits on the smallest fuel island

SentryGOLD is an island-mounted stationary cabinet with a compact design 5’1″ tall with an 8.4″ LCD display that requires little space on the fuel island

Call us for a quote on a Trak Engineering fuel management system for your bulk fueling system.

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