Fuel Tank Check Valves

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Envirosafe™ Above-Ground Fuel Systems carries fuel tank check valves for above ground fuel tanks and other bulk fuel systems. We carry a variety of valves for bulk fuel tanks including vent valves, solenoid valves, by-pass valves, anti-siphon valves, and overfill prevention valves. These valves are suitable for the dispensing of a variety of fuels including gas, oil, methanol, diesel, and alternative fuels.

fuel check valves

334 Series Single Poppet Foot Valves

Installed at the inlet of a suction line normally at the bottom of the storage tank. Contains a poppet and functions like a check valve to hold prime on a pump. Metal-to-metal seat and screened inlet.

fuel check valves

335 Series Double Poppet Foot Valve

Installed at the inlet of a suction line normally at the bottom of the storage tank, Contains two poppets and functions like a check valve to hold prime on a pump. Metal-to-metal seat and screened inlet.

Construction Details
Body, seat and poppet…brass
Screen…20 mesh stainless steel

fuel check valves

331 Series Union Check Valves

Installed in the pipeline inside a standard union fitting. Spring loaded poppet with Viton® seal.

fuel check valves

529 Series Nipple Check Valves

For General Use…installed in fuel line of a suction system directly below the pump to hold prime

solenoid valves

530 Series Nipple Check Valve

For Leak Detection…installed at the outlet of a submersible pump to maintain accurate line pressure. Primarily for use with leak detection systems. Expansion relief activates at precise setting. Settings available…25 or 50 PSI.

Construction Details
Body and poppet…brass
Spring…stainless steel

by-pass valves

174 Series By-Pass Valves

Used in applications where pressure control is needed such as by-passing a pump in order to reduce the pressure at the outlet. Valve settings are adjustable plus or minus 5-10 PSI from set point. The valve is available in PSI settings from 20 to 75.

anti-siphon valves

910 Series Anti-Syphon Valve

Used on AST to help prevent a release of product if rupture in the line occurs below liquid level in the tank. The 910ER is normally closed and will resist the head pressure and assist in preventing any “siphoning” of tank contents. 25 or 50 PSI

Construction Details
Body…ductile iron (epoxy coated)
Cap and seat…brass

overfill check valves

710 Series Solenoid Valve (Normally Closed)

Installed on pipeline leading from an aboveground tank. This valve is used to help prohibit accidental siphoning of product from the tank in the event of a break in the pipe or other cause for leak downstream and lower than the product level. The 710 solenoid valve is a two-way, one directional flow, hung piston type valve with “ normally closed positioning.” The valve opens up when a dispenser or pump is switched on. (less content)

Characteristics and Options

  • Operates at 120 volts (240 volts available).
  • Includes a continuous duty Class H standard coil.
  • Must be mounted with solenoid vertical and upright.
  • No differential pressure is needed to open the valve.

Construction Details
Body…brass or stainless steel
Seals…Viton® Teflon®, Solenoid housed in an integral, watertight, explosion-proof shell.

Code Compliance
NFPA 30, 30A,UFC, BOCA, SBCCI/SFC, and PEI RP200. CSA Certified.

solenoid valves

9095S Series AST Overfill Prevention Valve

Designed for use on low profile tanks that require a high level shut-off.
The valve terminates the fill when the product reaches the preset level. The valve can be retrofitted on existing tanks and fits into a 2″ opening. A tight fill connection is required for operation.
Sold with either a 2″ Part F Male Threaded Adaptor or a 2″ Part A Female Threaded Adaptor.
Typical flow rate is 53 GPM at 30 PSI.

Construction Details

Adaptor…aluminum (hard-coat anodized)
Body…anodized aluminum
Plunger and dashpot…brass
Upper tube and float guard…brass
Shut off mechanism…anodized aluminum.

solenoid valves

Fig. 9095A Series AST Overfill Prevention Valve

The 9095A AST Overfill Prevention Valve is installed at the fill port of an aboveground storage tank. Used in a tight fill application, the valve terminates flow of product when the liquid level reaches a preset warning level (90-95% full). The valve is installed on a standard N.P.T. male connection when used with the quick disconnect or female adaptor. When installed to manufacturers requirements the Overfill Prevention Valve can eliminate environmentally hazardous spills. A built-in bleed hole also provides anti-syphoning protection. ULC Listed.

The valve can be used in conjunction with the Morrison Fig. 518 and 515 lines of AST Spill Containers for added spill protection. All models are supplied with an adaptor to mount Morrison Fig. 419 aluminum drop tubes. A test mechanism is also sold separately for denoted models. The test mechanism allows a technician to pull on the test line at any time during the filling process to actuate the float and stop the fill. This allows a technician to verify the valve is working properly.

Construction Details

Body: Anodized Aluminum
Internal Components: Brass/Stainless Steel
Linkage: Stainless Steel.

Call us at 800-555-4754 for the fuel tank valves you need. We carry a full line of check valves, solenoid valves, by-pass valves, anti-siphon valves, and overspill prevention valves. We offer low prices and quick shipping on all fuel tank valves.

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