Krueger Sentry Leak Gauge


Model: K-2-120

A reliable, straight type gauge used for detecting leaks in the interstitial space of double wall containment units. The simple, mechanical design of this gauge promotes durability, minimal upkeep, and easy/inexpensive repairs.
This gauge is a simple visual tool. If the red indicator rises into the viewing window, it is indicating that there is a leak occurring in your double wall containment system. The indicator is not calibrated. It simply indicates leak or no leak.
Note: When ordering your gauge be sure to specify the Bung Size & Tank Depth from the drop down menus below.



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Krueger Sentry  Leak Gauge

Bung sizes: 1.5”-2”
Tank Depth: 6”-170”

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Opening Size (in)


Glass Calibration


Alarm / Remote



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