Morrison-Brothers 9095AA4000 AV 2″ Overfill w/QK. Dis.


FIG 9095A

Installed at the fill port of an aboveground storage tank. Used in a tight fill application, the valve terminates flow of product when the liquid level reaches a preset warning level (90-95% full). The valve is installed on a standard NPT male connection when used with the quick disconnect or female adaptor. The 2″ valve can be used in conjunction with the Morrison Fig. 518 and 515 lines of AST spill containers for added spill protection. When installed to manufacturers requirements, the OPV valve can help eliminate environmentally hazardous spills. All models are supplied with an adaptor to mount to Morrison Fig. 419 aluminum drop tubes. ULC listed.

Note: For use on clean product only. Not suitable for motor oil.

Code Compliance


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Construction Details

  • Adaptor: Aluminum (hard-coat anodized)
  • Female adaptor: Ductile iron
  • Body: Anodized aluminum
  • Plunger and dashpot: Brass or nickel plated
  • Shaft, linkages and hardware: Stainless steel
  • Piping: Steel (epoxy coated)


  • Adjustable float (1/2″): For setting the precise level of shutoff in the field and allowing it to be done using standard length pipe nipples
  • Immediate and cushioned shutoff: Full flow up to within 1-2 seconds of closing and no abrupt kickback or jolt, or startling noise in the line when valve closes
  • One piece adaptor/coupler casting: No extra seams and joints to leak when top portion is under pressure from closing
  • Dry disconnect: After shut off product is allowed to automatically drain from the highest point so fi ll nozzle can be removed without spilling
  • Simple mechanics: Minimum moving parts. Shutoff is activated by basic hydraulic principle with no springs, levers or complicated sequence leading to closure


Size Maximum Pressure Maximum Flow Maximum Viscosity
2″ 100PSI 183gpm @ 10psi pressure drop 150 Centistokes
3″ 100PSI 566gpm @ 10psi pressure drop 60 Centistokes

FIG 9095A 2″ Installation Instructions

FIG 9095A 3″ Installation Instructions

FIG 9095A Specification Sheet with Flow Curve

Installation Diagrams- Direct Fill Female Threaded

Installation Diagrams- Direct Fill Male Threaded

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 6 in


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