Mobile Fuel Storage Tank: Why Choose For Your Construction Site

February 1, 2019by tyrussum


Mobile Fuel Storage Tank: Why Choose For Your Construction Site


Portable Fuel Storage Cube.
DOT Approved.


Fuel spillage and seepage on construction sites is a well established issue associated with the traditional single tank design. The E-Cube Mobile is designed with a 110% bunded containment. making it a double walled fuel storage tank. It essentially is a tank within a tank. This design will help guarantee hazardous materials is securely stored, both while in use and not.


Mobility of the Envirosafe Mobile Fuel Storage Tank

Another benefit is a larger tank is more stationary, however, with the E-Cube Mobile, you can go as small as 119 Gallons to as large as 1188 Gallons. The ideal solution starts with you. If you know how much fuel is being utilized and how mobile the fuel supply must be, you can choose a more easily transportable option. Our E-Cube Mobile Fuel Storage Tank (cubes) are DOT-approved and can be mounted onto a trailer if you wish.

Since our E-Cubes come in a variety of sizes between 119 Gallons to 1188 Gallons, they are usually best suited for remote sites. Our tanks comply with worldwide approvals including UL-142 / UL-S601, UN31 A/Y US D.O.T and (IBC) Intermediate Bulk Container. They have a rugged design and are vibration tested to be able to hold up to use at your Construction site. However just because a fuel storage tank is approved it does not mean it’s the safest option.  When transporting fuel, internal baffle plates prevent fuel from surging to keep the vehicle stable. In most cases, a tank without any baffles must be emptied and cleaned often prior to transport. This usually requires a third-party company. If your tank is moved frequently, the downtime and expenses will add up quick.

If your site requires a larger tank over 1000 Gallons, you might consider how it will be moved around the site. Round tanks require a crane or loader to relocate it. Our E-Cube Mobile fuel storage tanks are cubed and can be moved this way as well, however, they have added versatility by incorporating forklift pockets. This gives you more options when your equipment operators are unavailable to help.



Contamination in the ground is a huge concern for any on-site fuel storage tank. While all fuel tanks should meet basic environmental standards, the traditional above ground fuel storage tank comes with the added expense of owning and cleaning secondary containment pans. The average cost to clean a containment pan can vary, however, it usually runs close to $150 or more. This adds up quickly in areas where a pan needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Our E-Cube Mobile Fuel Storage Tank has a completely removable inner tank for easy maintenance & cleaning. Our E-Cubes are double-walled, 110% contained. This eliminates the need for a secondary containment basic and results in huge savings over the life of your tank.

Diesel exhaust is another growing concern for today’s business owners. To help ease the burden of compliance, our E-Cube Mobile fuel storage tanks offer options with onboard DEF storage. This incorporates both DEF storage and Diesel into a single tank to reduce downtime and simplify compliance.


Other Considerations

The Envirosafe E-Cube Mobile Fuel Storage Tank is a completely self-contained, portable fuel tank that can be deployed almost anywhere you wish, From long-term to stationary applications, the E-Cube Mobile is a perfect option for your construction site. Our mobile fuel tanks offer a 3″ fill pipe, three 1″ return pipes & three 1 1/14″ feed pipes as the standard for multiple uses. For added security, the primary hatch plate comes with a secure lockable design.

With E-Cube Mobile fuel storage tanks, the power supply has a few options available to you as well, such as 12V battery power or a standard 120V connection. You can even utilize solar panels with your battery power to keep it charged and ready to have the necessary power to run the pumps and fuel your equipment. Our mobile fuel tank can also be stacked to help free up space.

With E-Cube Mobile you can be confident fueling will be quick, easy and safe. E-Cube Mobile is suited for all weathers types, portable and designed to work using either direct feed or a fuel pump dispenser, making it the industry standard for the refueling of excavators, diesel generators and even water pumps to name a few.

Additional Savings

To help extend the life of your pumps, meters, and components, it is best to look for a tank that offers a weatherproof cabinet, such as the E-Cube Mobile. It will help increase longevity when exposed to the elements.


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