Why Should You Choose Mobile Fueling?

February 13, 2019by tyrussum

Mobile fueling is becoming more popular. Vehicles, equipment, and even aircraft need to be refueled. Envirosafe E-Cube Mobile offers a simple and convenient solution to mobile fueling where you need it. For example, an emergency air rescue service, that operates helicopters from several different bases that provide medical emergency flights. The logistics are unreal, almost every flight they take is not scheduled, it is on-demand. Crews and helicopters departing and returning around the clock.

Once they return it is prepped for its next mission and restocked with medical supplies, checked over mechanically, and refueled. Many of the buses do not have 24-hour fuel service. Others may be based at a hospital, with no fuel access at all. They usually start up and fly to another airport just to fuel up, which can be very costly and inefficient. If they had an E-Cube Mobile located on-site they could be refueled immediately upon returning from their trip. Back to service, ready to go again 24/7. The cost of an E-Cube Mobile is minuscule when saving both time and money.

Let’s say it costs $350 to start up and fly 20 minutes to another location to refuel. Then another $350 to start up and fly back. If you multiply that by the number of times needed, it will add up very quickly. Not to add, the fact that the helicopter and crew are not in service, or available to respond to a call if needed during that hour they are refueling. It’s lost time that could cost a patient awaiting the much-needed transport. In these types of situations, E-Cube Mobile pay for themselves very quickly. Imagine you or a loved one is seriously injured and needed to be transported to a hospital immediately. Having an E-Cube Mobile just makes complete logical sense.


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