Construction: E-Cube

March 11, 2019by tyrussum

Whether you’re building an apartment complex or a bridge, staying on budget and meeting your deadlines is always vital to your construction project completion. Making sure your equipment is running without any delays will not only support your goal, but also boost your productivity. If you are waiting on a fuel drop, it stops your machinery and employees from working on your job site, and if it is not timed right, it could cause a serious delay. Investing in a product such as the E-Cube can help significantly decrease your downtime and help increase savings by allowing you to purchase by bulk.

Envirosafe understands it is important to help keep your job site safe and in compliance, our E-Cube and E-Cube Mobile are both UL-142 certified, the E-Cube Mobile is a transportable option that is also DOT Certified. Our E-Cube fuel storage tank options offer construction companies the ability to handle fuel in the safest manner possible, helping you complete your project on-time.

E-Cubes are available in a range of tank sizes, from 119 Gallons to 1188 Gallons and can fuel multiple pieces of equipment at once. Our E-Cube Combo with DEF is also available soon, this offers a combination tank for both Diesel and DEF in one convenient storage system. Contact us today to discuss the benefits an Envirosafe E-Cube may have for your next construction project.




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