Fuel Nozzles: What does a “Remove By Date” mean?

March 22, 2019by tyrussum

Fuel Nozzles are critical to fuel operation. Their function ensures the safe delivery of the fuel at the pump. However, just like other fuel storage tank equipment, they incur wear and tear and eventually fail. Using a failed fuel nozzle is a risk to your safety as well as your staff or customers’ safety, as well as the environment. A small leak can become costly. To help warn fuel storage tank owners of possible failure of the fuel nozzles, manufacturers use removal by dates. They are kinda like a “best if used by” date you see on your food. It doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot use the product, but it’s best not to use it after the “best if used by date” has passed.

Why doesn’t a manufacturer just specify an “expiration date” rather than a “remove by date”? Wouldn’t that just make it easier? Yes and no, this is the tricky part. Even though your fuel nozzle will eventually fail at some point in its life, you cannot tell for certain that when it will actually occur. Why? Since the life of a fuel nozzle is a function of several variables that cannot be predetermined, manufacturers simply prefer to specify a “remove by date”.

Even though someone may choose to continue using the fuel nozzle after this date has passed, it is not recommended. Fuel nozzles don’t usually fail “safely” and using worn-out equipment is a safety risk to anyone. So stay safe and fuel responsibly.


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