What is On-Site Fueling?

August 15, 2019by tyrussum

If you have a fleet of vehicles or equipment, your business depends on fuel. There are a couple of ways you can fuel up your equipment or fleet;


  1. The equipment or vehicle can be taken to a fuel station
  2. You can store your fuel on-site – which will be a lot quicker and easier for you.


On-Site Fueling, What is it?


On-site fueling involves transporting or storing a decent amount of fuel at your location. With our Envirosafe E-Cube Mobile fuel storage tanks, you can transport fuel wherever you need it. Whether it be remote sites or at your facility. This gives you hassle-free fueling wherever you need it!


Benefits of On-Site Fueling?


  1. Saves you time and money.
    Buying fuel in bulk will end up saving you quite a bit in the long run. Buying bulk fuel routinely will allow you to build a business relationship with your supplier and may even get you a discount on your fuel.
  2. It increases the efficiency of operations.
    It is very convenient to not have to take your equipment and fleet to a fuel station one by one to refuel. Having fuel on-site will allow you to refuel right on-site instead. Decreasing downtime.
  3. Fuel allowance abuse.
    Sometimes it can be difficult to know how your fuel allowance may be used by your employees. Having on-site fuel will help ensure it is only being used for work-related purposes.



Find out more about our E-Cube Mobile Fuel Storage tanks, click here.


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