Is Your Above Ground Fuel Storage System At Risk?

October 3, 2019by tyrussum


Is Your Above Ground Fuel Storage System At RiskPoor operation and maintenance when checking and removing water from above ground storage tanks can prompt various dangers, from fuel quality to microbial contamination. This can cause severe damage to your storage tank and equipment. Also, these dangers can influence your benefits. All above-ground storage tanks storing nearly any fuel — gasoline, diesel, aviation and jet fuel, biofuels, and others may be affected.

Fuel today is more susceptible to moisture separation and accumulation. The downside of removing lead from gasoline and sulfur from diesel has had a side effect. It can microbial growth to occur more readily, now uninhibited by lead and sulfur. Ethanol and biodiesel are important in today’s fueling economy. However, both are “hygroscopic,” which means they can attract water.

This is why fuel storage tank owners and operators must be even more diligent when monitoring for and removing water from their fuel storage and dispensing systems. Now, it’s more important than ever to conduct regular inspections and maintenance of your entire above-ground fuel storage system.


Reduce your risk protect your fuel supply


  • Inspect your above ground storage tank system frequently
  • Check for water with automatic or manual tank gauging
  • Investigate the source of any water found in your fuel storage tank
  • Remove and properly dispose of any water or take appropriate corrective action, in accordance with industry recommended practices
  • Consider alternative methods to control water in your above-ground fuel storage system, such as biocides, fuel polishers, or corrosion inhibitors
  • Audit the fuel or product delivery process and the water content
  • Use water-sensitive filters and watch for slowed-down fueling or dispensing
  • Employ a qualified professional to periodically examine the inside of the tank
  • Remove water and sludge. Periodically clean your tank, in accordance with industry recommended practices






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