Jet A Skid


It was previously connected to a Veeder-root. Removed from service 4 months ago. Purchased new 12 years ago. It was used for Jet A. Measurements are 12ft by 6ft.


  • Filter vessel model HCS-C- 333-1436
  • Flow rate 250gph
  • Manufactured by Facet 2005
  • Uses 3 cartridges Facet CAS33-55B
  • One water separator
  • Facet ss436 FB-5 lid gasket no 609919
  • The meter is a liquid control model H-1.5-2
  • The register is a Veeder-root 0788700-062 Rated at 300gph
  • Has a OCV control valve for flow control and deadman operation Size 3 model 114-1
  • Pump is a blackmer 3” model GX3E Gear reducer Blackmer model HRA ratio 3.4 powered by a 10hp electric motor 240/440 volts.
  • Has expansion tank
  • Reference # 170667


It will need new filters and electrical connections. Was used for ground to truck only. No hoses. Made for Jet A but can be used for AVGas with correct filters.

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