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We have over 25 years experience in manufacturing leak-free above ground fuel storage tanks and turn-key systems.

Michael Evans

Company Founder

Our Mission & Core Values

To be the global leader in the manufacturing of turn-key above-ground fuel storage tank & dispensing systems. While providing the stress-free experience most have come to expect in our digital age.

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Having Integrity means that we always do the right thing in any situation regardless of whether we are being watched, and/or will be recognized.


The quality of being trustworthy and reliable. Being Dependable means that we can be relied upon in many different categories, not only doing what is expected in accordance to our proposal, timeliness, punctuality, work performance, work quality, etc.


The quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Excellence means the constant pursuit of perfection; taking pride in our work quality, work environment, being a world-class organization.


An obligation, or willingness, to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. Being Accountable means that we accept the consequences of our decisions, or actions, regardless of whether the consequences are good or bad.

Continuous Improvement

An ongoing effort to improve our products, services, or business processes. Continuous improvement can be applied at the company level and at the individual level. It is simply our desire to improve on whatever service is provided.


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WHAT WE DOWe Offer Reliable Services for Most Electrical Systems

Energy Consumption goes to appliance

Average indoor spend time by individual

Lower your costs with maintenance

Lower monthly costs with proper repair

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A proud American manufacturer for over 30 years!

A Proud American Manufacturer!

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