Articles About Bulk Fueling, Storage, Regulations, Safety, And Maintenance.


What is On-Site Fueling?

If you have a fleet of vehicles or equipment, your business depends on fuel. There are a couple ways you can fuel up your equipment or fleet;   The equipment or vehicle can be taken to a fuel station You can store your fuel on-site - which will be a lot quicker...

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Preparing Tanks For Changing Fuels

The chemistry of fuel has changed, from the removal of lead and MTBE to additives such as ethanol. These changes were made mostly to comply with standards set by the EPA Fuels and Fuel Additive Regulations (40 CFR 79), which became effective in 1996. The new fuels are...

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Shelf Life of Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF

This article is to help you understand the shelf life and sensitivity of DEF. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a blend of urea and de-ionized water produced to an international standard (ISO 22241). In other words, it is used to reduce the nitrogen oxide concentration in...

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Importance of Storage Tank Venting

With exception of Above ground Storage Tanks larger than 12,000 Gallons, which contain Class IIIB liquids that are located where they cannot be affected by a release of Class I or II liquids, IFC Section 5704.2.7.4 requires all Tanks Inside of Buildings to be equipped...

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Understanding Fuel Transfer Pumps and Rates

A fuel transfer pump can be a cost-effective way to meet your fuel dispensing needs in a variety of applications, such as fueling fleet vehicles, farm or ranch equipment, and construction machinery. Each fuel transfer pump has a flow rate associated with it. This is...

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Generator Fuel Storage Solutions

A reliable power source is vital, no matter what your application. Generators running on a full load can consume a large amount of fuel to keep your power on. Running a generator over a long period of time at peak load power can benefit significantly with an...

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Construction: E-Cube

Whether you’re building an apartment complex or a bridge, staying on budget and meeting your deadlines is always vital to your construction project completion. Making sure your equipment is running without any delays will not only support your goal, but also boost...

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Equipment Rental: E-Cube

Equipment Rental companies are always looking for assets that will last long-term, require minimum maintenance and offer a high residual value. Our E-Cube fuel storage tanks are becoming a great option to offer rental customers. They have minimal maintenance, high...

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