Turn-Key Above-ground Fuel Storage Tank Systems for Generators

Our Family of Above Ground GENERATOR Fuel Tank Systems


Envirosafe’s Emergency Generator Systems are designed specifically to supply emergency generators or boilers. The Envirosafe™ generator fuel tank system is fully compatible with a wide range of fuels. Our generator fuel tanks are available in either Flameshield® (UL-142) or Fireguard® (UL-2085) configurations. They can be manufactured as a single tank or in split designs for the supply of two different fuel products. Each system we sell is built in our on-site manufacturing facility and is fabricated in accordance with The Steel Tank Institute’s specifications as well as meeting all UL standards. Many facilities are required by law to have enough fuel reserves for the perpetual operation of emergency generators for a minimum of 96 hours. For more info click here.

30,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Tank & System For GeneratorsG-System 30


25,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Tank & System For GeneratorsG-System 25


20,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Tank & System For GeneratorsG-System 20


15,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Tank & System For GeneratorsG-System 15


12,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Tank & System For GeneratorsG-System 12


10,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Tank & System For GeneratorsG-System 10


8,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Tank & System For GeneratorsG-System 8


6,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Tank & System For GeneratorsG-System 6


5,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Tank & System For GeneratorsG-System 5


Everything you need in one high-integrity unit!

Fill it up, connect power and your generator and you're ready to go.

Our all-in-one and turn-key generator systems can combine fuel polishing, automatic fuel transfer to your generators day tank, electrical, and plumbing into one relocatable unit. These systems can eliminate on-site installation labor by up to 90% when compared to piecing together a sperate tank, polishing, and fuel transfer system. System maintenance and repair can also be greatly reduced.

AXI Fuel Transfer Systems For Generators

Introducing the industries most reliable fuel transfer system

Back-up generators are relied upon to keep people safe during catastrophic times.  Ensuring critical systems such as life support, data centers, water pumping stations, cell towers, law enforcement facilities, fire stations, and military installations stay online during both expected or unexpected catastrophes. Your entire system has to work flawlessly without notice not matter the conditions surrounding. Envirosafe™ has partnered with AXI, the worlds leading fuel transfer system manufacturer, to ensure the aboveground fuel tank systems we provide are robust and reliable. Our bulk fuel storage systems come as one complete unit that includes both fuel transfer and the polishing systems mounted directly to the fuel tank and prewired to a single junction box for easy onsite installation. Click here for more information from AXI.

Flow rate options from 2-GPM to 16-GPM
Support multiple generators simultaneously
Transfer fuel between multiple generator day tanks and source tanks
Monitor activity and fuel level of multiple generators simultaneously

AXI Fuel Polishing Systems

Don't let stagnant fuel kill your critical system's power generators

Unlike most fuel tanks counted on to service fleets daily, a backup- generator tank holds fuel for weeks, months, and even years. Because of this, your older fuel is not constantly refreshed with new fuel. As a result, the critical diesel fuel needed to support life-saving backup generators can begin building up system clogging biomass in addition to water. For this reason, we partnered with AXI to create the perfect generator fuel supply system. Your turn-key generator system from Envirosafe™ not only safely stores the large amounts of fuel necessary to keep your generators online for days. It also ensures the fuel you store stays fresh and free of system-killing bio-build up.

Keep essential backup fuel fresh for years
Single unit design makes future relocation easy
Eliminates potential build-up of bio sludge
Ensures fuel stays water-free

Rugged and easy to access fill-box

Keep your fuel tamper-free while eliminating environmental contamination from spills. Your fill-box is welded directly to the tank with our patented system design. As the only manufacturer authorized by the Steel Tank Institute for such a design we can deliver a finished product that is safe, convenient, and well thought out.

Welded fill box eliminates rust between box and tank like other bolted on solutions
Check-valve and ball-valve eliminate spillage upon fill disconnect
Lockable roll up door is the same heavy-duty door found on most fire trucks

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A Proud American Manufacturer!

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