Flameshield® Certified – UL 142

Flameshield® Certified - UL 142 Above Ground Fuel Tanks

Entry-level fire safety for tighter budgets

Flameshield® are the tight-wrapped, double-walled, above-ground fuel tanks that provide protection against fire at the least possible cost. Tested 2-hour fire resistance with emergency venting and built-in secondary containment. Primary Tank and Secondary Tank UL 142 Listed.  The Flameshield Tank comes with an available 30-year warranty and can handle a variety of fuels, including gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, petroleum, oil, fuel oil, waste oil, chemicals, AVGas, petrol, ethanol, methanol, biofuels, and biogas.


2 hours of proven fire protection, double-wall tank

FLAMESHIELD® is also UL 142 certified as an above-ground storage tank. These tanks include a tight-wrap inner and outer tank design. This design has been fire-tested for a minimum of 2 hours of flame survival. Inertial space comes standard with primary tank leak detection.


  • As required by Southwest Research Institute Standard SwRI 97‐04,  a 2‐hour 2,000° fire‐test has been performed on design
  • The primary and secondary tank is tightness tested before they ship with standard testing procedures. We can also ship with a vacuum in the interstice to prove the integrity of both walls during installation
  • Interstitial space leak detection
  • Compatible with most fuel types and many chemicals
  • Support designs available for all seismic requirements
  • Available support types include saddles and skids
  • Vertical tank designs supported on legs, and skirted available, with Listing label
  • Capacities range from 500 to 75,000 gallons


  • Steel construction allows for recycling
  • Low-cost compartments and customization
  • Built to nationally‐recognized STI standards with the strict third‐party quality control inspection program

A proud American manufacturer for over 30 years!

A Proud American Manufacturer!

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