Commercial Fleet Fuel Storage Systems

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Required Certifications:
  • DOT Certified – you can fill these units with fuel and transport over any US roadway. Includes special safety features and internal baffles to improve transportation stability.
  • Flameshield – This is a tank inside a tank (double walled) that is rated by STI (steel tank institute) to remain stable in fire for two hours.
  • Fireguard | UL 2085 – This is an inner tank surrounded by concrete and then an outer tank. This tank is ballistic and impact resistant and rated by STI to survive open flames for 4 hours.
Required Features:
  • Bare Tank Only – These tanks come painted and built according to required certification. No plumbing, pumps, sensors, or other equipment included. Very few customers choose this option.
  • Complete System –  Included everything needed to store and dispense fuel above ground. All pumps, plumbing, meters, sensors, hoses, nozzles, fuel scrubbers, etc. required to get fuel from the storage tank to the receiving equipment. Arrives assembled, tested, and ready for power and fuel. Each system arrives in one piece.
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