Fuel Storage Tank Parts & Equipment

Envirosafe sells a full line of fuel storage parts for ASTs and bulk fueling systems. Parts we sell include fuel tank filters by Cim-Tek, fuel Hoses, check valves and more. If you have a fuel storage tank for the bulk storage of diesel, oil, fuel-oil, ethanol, gasoline, bio-diesel, bio-fuels, chances are we carry the parts you need to keep your fueling system running smooth. Call us for a quote on the exact part you need.

Fuel Nozzles, Swivels & Breakaways

fuel nozzlesEnvirosafe carries a full line of fuel nozzles for bulk fuel storage tank systems. We have fuel dispensing nozzles for gas pumps, gasoline, ethanol & diesel fuel nozzles suitable for applications for farm, fleet, aviation, marine and municipal applications. Our Husky nozzles are available with auto-shut-off, swivel designs, and for unleaded gas. We carry the fuel nozzle for your system.

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Fuel Level Gauges, Indicators & Alarms

Oil and Fuel Tank GaugesEnvirosafe carries oil tank gauges and fuel tank gauges for bulk petroleum storage. Fuel tank level gauges, sensors, and indicators by Morrison Brothers to fit bulk petroleum storage of fuel, oil, diesel and more. Fuel Gauges are available with or without a high level alarm and use a simple clock design.

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Fuel Flow Meters

Fuel Flow MetersEnvirosafe carries the right fuel flow meter for your bulk fueling system. Our flow meters track fuel and oil usage. Precision made and durable designs for tracking the dispensing of gas, diesel, ethanol and more for applications for farm, fleet, aviation, marine and municipal applications. Manufacturers include Fill-Rite fuel flow meters and more.

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Fuel Management Systems

Fuel Management SystemsEnvirosafe carries the FuelMaster 3505 Series  fuel management system that delivers full-color graphics, touch-screen displays, visual and audio instructions. This fuel management system if perfect for fleet fueling systems of gas (petrol), diesel, and bio-fuels.

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Electric Fuel Transfer Pumps

electric fuel transfer pumpEnvirosafe carries electric fuel transfer pumps for bulk fuel storage tank systems. We carry a full line of Fill-Rite fuel pumps suitable for the dispensing of gasoline, oil, diesel, bio-diesel and fuel oil. Available in 15V and 12V for direct current. We also carry cabinet pump dispensers, and fuel hand pumps. We carry the fuel pump to fit your bulk storage dispensing needs.

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Fuel Tank Hoses & Hose Reels

Fuel Tank HosesEnvirosafe carries fuel filler hoses for all sizes of fuel storage tanks and bulk fuel system. Flexible fuel filler hoses for the dispensing of gas, diesel, ethanol and more for farm, fleet, aviation, marine and municipal applications. We also carry fuel hoses for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and fuel hose reels for bulk fueling systems.

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Fuel Tank Valves

Fuel Tank Check ValveEnvirosafe carries the fuel tank vent & check valve you need for your bulk fuel tank. These valves shut off flow at a predetermined level (90-95% full) for overfill prevention. We also carry foot valves, by-pass valves, solenoid valves, anti-syphon valves, and over-spill prevention valves. Call us for the right fuel tank valve you need for your AST.

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Cim-Tek Fuel Filters

Cim Tek Fuel FiltersEnvirosafe carries a full line of Cim-Tek Filters for bulk fueling system tanks. Cim-Tek is the leader in quality filtersfor bulk fueling applications. Cim-Tek Fuel Filters are designed for gasoline, diesel & bio-fuels (biodiesel & ethanol) for applications for farm, fleet, aviation, marine and municipal applications. We also carry Cim-Tek fuel filters for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

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Fuel & Oil Tank Vents

Oil and Fuel Tank VentsEnvirosafe carries a complete line of fuel & oil tank vents, including updraft vents, emergency vents, outlet vents, and flame arresters for fuel, fuel-oil and oil tanks. Our fuel vents are designed for all bulk fueling systems for gasoline, diesel, fuel oil and bio-fuels. Whatever size tank you have, we carry a vent to help your system “breathe.”

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Fuel Spill Containment

Fuel Spill ContainmentEnvirosafe carries the equipment you need for fuel spill containment. Our fuel spill kits help contain small spills that can occur while dispensing fuel from the nozzle. Suitable for gas, diesel, ethanol and more. Save the expense of environmental cleanup with tank spill containment kits.

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Your Source For Bulk Fuel Tank Storage (AST) Parts

We carry bulk fuel storage tank (AST) parts, diesel fuel tanks, gas dispenser parts, diesel fuel tank parts, and fuel oil tanks. Whether you need a fuel gauge, fuel filter, fuel vent, nozzle, pump, flow meter, fuel hose, dispenser, check valve, high-level alarm, spill containment tray, or a DEF storage system, chances are we can get it fast and at the best price. If you have an above ground fuel tank or any bulk fuel system, you need the parts to keep it running smooth.

We have a dedicated parts department to find the part you need. Call us at 800-555-4754 or click here to submit a request for a quote on the fuel storage tank parts you need.

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