Turn-Key Above-ground Fuel Storage Tank Systems for Commercial Fleets

Our family of COMMERCIAL FLEET above ground fuel storage systems.


Great for larger commercial fleets in the following industries: trucking, municipalities, transportation, large farms, ready-mix trucks, and any other large commercial fleet that needs durable, high quality, accuracy & performance. These turn-key systems are available in Fireguard® (UL-2085) and the more budget-friendly Flameshield® (UL-142)

30,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Storage for Commercial FleetC-Fleet 30


25,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Storage for Commercial FleetC-Fleet 25


20,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Storage for Commercial FleetC-Fleet 20


15,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Storage for Commercial FleetC-Fleet 15


12,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Storage for Commercial FleetC-Fleet 12


10,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Storage for Commercial FleetC-Fleet 10


8,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Storage for Commercial FleetC-Fleet 8


6,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Storage for Commercial FleetC-Fleet 6


5,000 Gallon Capacity Above Ground Fuel Storage for Commercial FleetC-Fleet 5


Complete turn-key system

Everything you need to store, dispense, and secure bulk fuel above ground

The commercial fleet above ground fuel storage and dispensing systems require no on-site design or assembly. Connect the power, fill with fuel, and begin servicing your fleet the same day. From site planning, system options, and design, to installation and servicing… our engineering staff will assist through every step of your project.

100's of options and configurations
Single unit design makes future relocation easy
Tanks, plumbing, pumps, cabinets, and fuel management systems all designed to work perfectly together by the manufacturer.
Store two different types of fuel in one tank

Everything you need in one heavy-duty unit

Every part of your above ground fuel storage and dispensing system including plumbing is welded together to create one super rugged and leak-free system.

Our above-ground fuel systems for commercial fleets are a pattened single-unit design. All pumps, nozzles, hose reels, fuel fill points, filters, and fuel management systems are included and attached to the above-ground fuel tank.

It is possible to have this complete system up and running the day of delivery
Fully trained service technicians
30 year warranty on all commercial fleet above ground fuel tanks
Available is UL 142 Flameshield and UL 2085 Fireguard configurations

Envirosafe™ turnkey systems eliminate the installation hassles and long-term problems associated with a built-on-site solution.

Petroleum contractors rely on Envirosafe™ to design and deliver finished turn-key systems that are impossible to build in the field. Our single-unit design means contractors can install up to 15 turn-key fuel solutions in the same amount of time it would take to complete just one built-on-site project.
Controlled project environment = superior quality control.

Rain or shine, hot or cold, snow day or clear day… our facility does not suffer the environmental challenges crews contend with while building an above-ground fuel storage and dispensing system on site. We have perfected the art of building best in breed above ground fuel storage tanks and dispensing systems. It is impossible to achieve Envirosafe™ quality with an onsite built system. The equipment required for such quality is only accessible in a fixed manufacturing environment. Not only are our commercial fleet systems engineered and built to survive bullets, fire, but also seismic vibration multiple moves while remaining leak-free—a virtual impossibility with on site-built systems.

More options than built on site systems.

Petroleum contractors have their hands tied when it comes to attaching anything to an above-ground fuel storage tank. Any welding would immediately void the fire rating certification and warranty of your new tank. As the manufacturer of the tank, we are able to engineer and weld options directly to the tank. This improves plumbing stability and leak mitigation while supporting system options such as fuel monitoring, scrubbers, hose reels, nozzles, and lockable cabinets, and the like.

Single unit design vs everything else.

The single-unit design is a complete turn-key system that has a higher level of leak mitigation and overall system integrity. Unlike systems built using the outdated on-site method, a factory-built single unit design means every part of the system can be moved together as one solid unit. These systems can be easily relocated as the needs of your business change.

Add Fuel & Go! Turn-key solution.

Our turn-key systems can be installed, filled, and servicing your fleet the very same day they arrive. By comparison, onsite built systems take a week or longer to complete under perfect weather and permitting conditions.

High resale value even after years of use.

Envirosafe™ systems have a reputation for high resale value. They are commonly resold used and years later for the same price or higher than the original purchase price. To make it even easier, we have built a strong used tank and system market place for above ground fuel storage tanks built by Envirosafe™ and other manufactures around the world.

A proud American manufacturer for over 30 years!

A Proud American Manufacturer!

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