Why, Hybrid Fueling Systems: Generator + Vehicles

Reason #1
Smarter Use of Money and Space

Keeping your business running and your fleet moving

Hybrid fueling systems deliver cost and space savings by merging the infrastructure and maintenance of two systems into one. They efficiently manage fuel allocation and help maintain fuel freshness, eliminating the need for expensive fuel polishing or replacement. Every gallon utilized from this system for vehicles effectively lowers ownership costs by replacing fuel ordinarily purchased at higher retail rates. Coupled with centralized monitoring for optimal system performance, hybrid fueling systems provide a space-efficient, economical solution for effective fuel management.

Experience Massive Cost Savings:
Every gallon of fuel used from this system for vehicles effectively lowers the system's cost of ownership by offsetting the need for fuel ordinarily bought at higher retail gas station prices. This leads to a more economical operation overall.
Fuel Optimization:
A hybrid system efficiently manages fuel allocation based on demand and need. This helps keep fuel fresh through continual use, eliminating the necessity for costly fuel polishing or replacement.
Cost Efficiency:
A hybrid fueling system involves only one set of equipment, meaning installation, maintenance, and possible upgrade costs are reduced.
Space Saving:
By merging the infrastructure of two systems into one, a hybrid fueling system can be a major space saver, particularly in facilities where space is at a premium.
120% Financing Available:
Finance 100% of your new system + delivery and installation at incredibly low rates. 36, 48, 60, and 72 month terms available.

Reason #2
Envirosafe + AXI

The most reliable system configuration in the world

AXI Fuel Transfer Systems are versatile, efficient, and safe. They ensure rapid fuel transfer, minimize spill risks, and are durable under harsh conditions. Easy to maintain, these systems provide the very best in automated generator fuel support. 

AXI provides automation features that enable unattended, hassle-free operation. Providing fuel automatically when your generator needs it.
Made in the USA with high-quality materials, AXI fuel transfer systems are robust and built to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring years of brutal operation.
Maintenance Friendly:
The design of these systems allows for easy access for routine maintenance, enhancing their lifespan and reliability.
Secure Storage:
The system comes with heavy-duty lockable boxes welded to the tank, ensuring all dispensing and fill equipment is securely housed and protected.
These systems are designed to facilitate rapid and efficient transfer of fuel, saving time and improving operational efficiency.

The systems are engineered with safety features to minimize the risk of spills, leaks, or accidents during fuel transfer.

Reason #3
Unbeatable Convenience, Control, and Cost Savings

Dispensing fuel from a hybrid generator support system proves a self-financing solution, enhancing cost and time efficiency, operational flexibility, and emergency preparedness. By simplifying fuel management and bolstering self-sufficiency, it ultimately pays for itself over time.

A dual tank system provides the flexibility to pump fuel into vehicles and equipment while simultaneously operating the generator.
Keeping Fuel Fresh:
Dispensing fuel from a hybrid generator system keeps the fuel in continuous motion, negating the need for a separate polishing system. This also prevents fuel stagnation and sludge build-up.
Fuel Usage Monitoring:
By tracking individual fuel consumption, the buyer can implement a more efficient fuel management system and streamline daily operations. Track and authorize fuel service by employee and/or vehicle.
Reliability During Emergencies:
In situations where fuel access may be disrupted due to various reasons such as natural disasters or infrastructure damage, on-site fuel dispensing ensures that critical vehicles and services remain operational.
Incredible ROI:
By shifting from retail fuel purchases for fleet and work vehicles to buying fuel wholesale and dispensing it on-site, most customers can recoup their investment through savings in under two years.

Reason #4
Industry Leading Warranty

Most tank manufactures will offer a very limited 30-year warranty on the inner tank only.

In addition to the “30-year” tank warranty, we also offer an optional saddle to saddle warranty. Purchasing the saddle to saddle warranty provides extended coverage for additional parts such as pumps, meters, and gauges. Our systems are built using the very best materials and components. If we fabricate or install it, we can cover it for an additional cost, giving you and your customer additional peace of mind! Consult with your sales engineer for more details and information.

*30 year warranty against any tank leaks
*10 year warranty against plumbing leaks available for purchase
*Extended 10 year submersible pump warranty available for purchase
System warranty is assignable by an approved petroleum contractor

* ask your sales engineer for important details regarding warranty information

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