Fireguard Certified – UL 2085 Above Ground Fuel Tanks

Certified Fireguard® Above Ground Fuel Tanks

Engineered to be safer, stronger, and last longer

Fireguard® is the tank to use for performance, durability, and reliability. The lightweight Fireguard tank is performance engineered for safety and long service life. It is UL 2085 listed and has easily passed all tests for 110% secondary containment, ballistics, and vehicle impact resistance. This incredibly safe tank meets every national code for fire protected ASTs.

The Fireguard tank is precision engineered for superior structural strength, weather and corrosion resistance, and full compatibility with all common fuels and additives including MTBE and ethanol. Our tanks’ secondary protective layer is made up of 3 – 6″ of light-weight thermal concrete. This concrete insulation offers the fire protection of concrete without the weight, cracking, and spalling issues normally associated with concrete vaults style tanks.

In addition to meeting the quality standards of the Steel Tank Institute – the strictest in the industry – Envirosafe™ makes sure that our Fireguard tanks meet each and every one of our customers’ requirements.

Thermally insulated, ballistic protection,  for above-ground fuel storage

FIREGUARD® is a UL 2085 above-ground fuel storage tank that has been certified by the steel tank institute and backed by its 30-year warranty. These tanks offer significantly greater protection over the standard double wall UL 142 (Flameshield). Envirosafe™ UL 2085 above ground tanks have a thick gauge steel inner tank insulated by 3 to 6″ of lightweight concrete and then additionally protected by a thick gauge steel outer tank.


  • Fuel products are insulated from ambient temperature variations, resulting in reduced vapor emissions and product loss
  • Primary and secondary tank can be pressure tested anywhere using standard testing methods, unlike many other designs
  • The outer steel tank wall reduces maintenance cost and protects the insulating layer from weathering
  • Primary storage tank and secondary containment compatible with a wide range of fuels and chemicals, including biodiesel and ethanol
  • Meets most seismic requirements
  • Inner tank leaking detection is done by monitoring the systems Interstitial space
  • The design passes the brutal 4-hour furnace torture test.

FIREGUARD® is the only tank to meet the following standards:

  • UL 2085 Listed
  • Impact and Ballistics protection per UL 2085
  • Both the inner and outer steel tanks are built to UL standards
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 30 & 30A
  • International Fire Code (IFC)
  • California Air Resources Board (CARB) Standing Loss Control testing requirements for air emissions
  • Steel Tank Institute (STI) Standard F941 for Protected Aboveground Storage Tanks

Additional Features

  • Capacities range up to 75,000 gallons
  • Steel construction allows for recycling
  • Low-cost compartments and customization
  • Built to nationally‐recognized STI standards with the strict third‐party quality control inspection program

How we build our UL 2085 | Fireguard® tanks

This is an image of the Envirosafe | UL2085 above ground fuel tank for most fuel types. What you see here is the inner primary tank and the out wall of the secondary tank before the outer heads are welded on. Once the outer heads are in place the 6″ space between the inner and outer tank will be filled with lightweight concrete.

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