Towing Companies: Why Bulk Fuel Storage Works

Reason #1
Slash Your Fuel Costs, Boost You Profits!

How onsite fueling earns some towing companies over $250,000 per year

Most of our customers are able to realize over $1,000,000 ROI in the first 5 to 10 years of ownership.

Experience Massive Cost Savings:
With wholesale fuel rates, you could save between $0.41 to $1.25 per gallon - a significant boost to your bottom line.
Transform Your Profits:
A towing company using 5,000 gallons per week would typically save between $106,600 and $325,000 dollars per year. Saving determined by current day fuel pricing.
Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses:
With our fuel storage and dispensing system, you cut out the middleman and reduce costs, directly impacting your profitability.
Capitalize On Market Volatility:
When retail fuel prices rise so does your wholesale savings. The margin between wholesale and retail rates increases with retail pricing.
Almost Instant ROI:
Companies using as little as 3,000 gallons of fuel per week can recoup their investment in the first year of ownership.
120% Financing Available:
Finance 100% of your new system + delivery and installation at incredibly low rates. 36, 48, 60, and 72 month terms available.

Reason #2
Fueling the Long Haul

Fueling Systems That Won't Quit When You Need Them Most

Our fueling systems are designed for longevity and durability. They’re resistant to fire, ballistic impact, and physical damage. With a robust design that requires virtually no maintenance, they’re built to last up to 30 years. Plus, they boast the highest resale value in the industry – many of our customers find they can sell their system for as much or more than the original purchase price after a decade of use

Built to Last:
Our rugged systems are designed to withstand the test of time, delivering reliable service for up to 30 years with minimal maintenance costs.
Unmatched Resilience:
Fire, ballistic, and impact resistant, our fueling systems are built to weather any storm, ensuring your business keeps running smoothly.
Highest Resale Value in Industry:
Invest in a system that holds its value - our fueling systems often sell for as much or more than their original purchase price after 10 years.
Secure Storage:
The system comes with heavy-duty lockable boxes welded to the tank, ensuring all dispensing and fill equipment is securely housed and protected.
Minimal Downtime:
The robustness of our systems means you spend less time worrying about fueling issues and more time focusing on what matters - your business.

Reason #3
Unbeatable Convenience and Control

Enjoy the convenience of having your own on-site fueling system that can service 1 to 4 vehicles simultaneously. Our system arrives fully built – all you need to do is connect the power and fill it with fuel. What’s more, you can manage and monitor fuel usage by employee and vehicle, even controlling access times and amounts.

Seamless Setup:
Our systems arrive fully built, requiring only power connection and fuel filling to get up and running. Say goodbye to complicated installations.
Total Control:
Track fuel usage by employee and vehicle, manage access times and amounts, and maintain a tight grip on your fueling operations.
No More Pit Stops:
Eliminate unnecessary breaks at gas stations and keep your towing fleet on the road, serving customers.
Secure Operations:
Prevent fuel theft by managing access and monitoring usage, ensuring fuel is used only for company vehicles.
Maximized Efficiency:
By controlling when and how fuel is used, you streamline operations and get the most out of every gallon.
Time is Money:
Save valuable time with on-site fueling, freeing your team to focus on what they do best - providing superior towing services.

Reason #4
Industry Leading Warranty

Most tank manufactures will offer a very limited 30-year warranty on the inner tank only.

In addition to the “30-year” tank warranty, we also offer an optional saddle to saddle warranty. Purchasing the saddle to saddle warranty provides extended coverage for additional parts such as pumps, meters, and gauges. Our systems are built using the very best materials and components. If we fabricate or install it, we can cover it for an additional cost, giving you and your customer additional peace of mind! Consult with your sales engineer for more details and information.

*30 year warranty against any tank leaks
*10 year warranty against plumbing leaks available for purchase
*Extended 10 year submersible pump warranty available for purchase
System warranty is assignable by an approved petroleum contractor

* ask your sales engineer for important details regarding warranty information

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