Why Choose A Petroleum Contractor Ready System?

Reason #1
Complete more projects, in less time ... with fewer staff

Envirosafe™ is helping contractors eliminate barriers to financial growth

One barrier to “every” successful petroleum contractor’s growth is the limitation of the 24 hour day and the availability of quality experienced staff. This is why we do what we do. Partnering with Envirosafe™ empowers your organization to serve more customers with your existing staff.

Your team preps the project site while we build out your tank, with all of the plumbing, submersible pumps, electrical conduit, sensors, fill locations, and junction boxes
When your system arrives all you have to do is connect fuel lines from dispensers to our plumbing and wire electrical to our junction boxes
Tank and all plumbing is pressure tested prior to shipping and arrives under pressure

Reason #2
Built the way it should be without limitations

No matter how skilled the team, systems built completely on-site are always a product of compromise.

Your petroleum contractor-ready system arrives tested, blasted, and painted. This includes not only the tank but all plumbing, ground fill boxes, conduit, junction boxes, ladders, and catwalks. No need for fall protection or cranes since plumbing and pumps are pre-installed in our facility. We have a ton of preconfigured options to choose from. All designed to help you deliver a better-finished product in less time.

Our sales engineers will make sure to provide the perfect solution for your project requirements
We are the only STI manufacturer authorize to weld ground fill boxes directly to your Fireguard® or Flameshield® tank
Choosing Envirosafe™ as your AST partner means you can keep more of your "skilled labor" on other projects
Our team does one thing and one thing only. We build above-ground fuel systems with expertise and efficiency second to none.

Reason #3
White-label and Project Tracking Program For Contractors

Every part of your above-ground fuel storage and dispensing system, including plumbing, is welded together to create one super rugged and leak-free system.

Think of Envirosafe™ as an extension of your organization. Our products arrive on-site branded to your companies standards. We are here to help you provide your customers with a better-finished product in less time and with fewer key staff and you take all the credit.

You send us your logos and we will print and label your system before shipping
Branded or co-branded service manuals depending on your preference
We update your systems status everyday and give your team access to these updates so you can confidently manage the project

Reason #4
Industry Leading Warranty

Most tank manufactures will offer a very limited 30-year warranty on the inner tank only.

In addition to the “30-year” tank warranty, we also offer an optional saddle to saddle warranty. Purchasing the saddle to saddle warranty provides extended coverage for additional parts such as pumps, meters, and gauges. Our systems are built using the very best materials and components. If we fabricate or install it, we can cover it for an additional cost, giving you and your customer additional peace of mind! Consult with your sales engineer for more details and information.

*30 year warranty against any tank leaks
*10 year warranty against plumbing leaks available for purchase
*Extended 10 year submersible pump warranty available for purchase
System warranty is assignable by an approved petroleum contractor

* ask your sales engineer for important details regarding warranty information

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A Proud American Manufacturer!

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