Conclusion: Clean Diesel Technologies

The supply of clean fuel to the power generation/ diesel transport equipment is essential to the integrity and cost management of the operation. Diesel engines and turbines have evolved to meet regulatory demands. Fuel must be a step-change cleaner.

  • Achieving high performance and consistent quality is made more challenging by the different fuel quality, climate and need for cleaner fuel.
  • There are many forms of contaminants in diesel, which need to be addressed, from dirt and water to asphaltenes, salts, surfactants, to microbial growth and fuel degradation products.
  • There are standardized testing to quantify the performance of filter media for fuel systems, and trying to best correlate them to real world conditions.
  • A holistic approach is needed that ensures well designed storage, effective filtration, monitoring operation and maintenance.

As a minimum, a system for final delivery to power generation equipment should consider inlet filtration and tank breather filters to maintain the quality of fuel delivered to the unit.

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