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It is important to understand that Envirosafe™ is not a shipping company. All transactions are F.O.B. (free on board) from our main production facility located at 1789 E C 48, Bushnell, FL 33513. This means that ownership is fully transferred to the buyer once the final payment is received and your system leaves our facility or once the final payment is received and your system is moved into onsite or offsite storage. It is important to understand this when choosing a shipper.

As a courtesy and for convenience Evirosafe™ will work on your behalf to secure transport for your finished products upon request. While we help customers arrange freight services every day we do not have direct control over the individual drivers or logistics company staff. All liability and responsibility for safe delivery are exclusive to the freight forwarder, shipping or logistics company, and/ or the delivery driver.

Any quotes for freight obtained by our staff are not fixed and should be considered for budgetary purposes only. Delivery pricing can change up to the day of pick-up. There is also no way to guarantee that your system will be picked up on the scheduled day or arrive on the date or time estimated.

If your company chooses to manage pick-up and delivery in-house this can be scheduled with our in-house logistics team. Pick-up can be scheduled for Monday – Thursday between the hours of 9 am and 2 pm. Trucks arriving after 2 pm may not be loaded until the next regular pick-up day. Depending on a given day’s schedule delivery drivers may need to wait up to 3 hours for their turn to be loaded. All trucks arriving prior to 2 pm on the scheduled day will be loaded that day.

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A Proud American Manufacturer!

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