Fertilizer Fuel Tanks

If your business requires you to store large quantities of fertilizer, using a fertilizer fuel tank may be your best option. Fuel tanks are certified containers that are qualified to hold a wide variety of materials including diesel, solvents, chemicals and of course fertilizer. These tanks are specially designed to help prevent your chosen liquid (in this case fertilizer) from leaking and to also limit the potential for evaporative emissions. They also prevent the smell of the contents spreading around the area, which is especially important for fertilizer fuel tanks. Here are some of the other advantages you will notice when you select one of the many fertilizer fuel tanks available.

Saves Money

If you opt to use fertilizer fuel tanks to store your company’s fertilizer, you will be able to save money. That is because your employees will not need to travel offsite as frequently simply to pick up more fertilizer. Most of these tanks can hold between 1,000 and 110,000 liters so you will be able to hold sufficient fertilizer in just one of these tanks to provide your business’s needs. You will also be able to save money on containers as purchasing one large fertilizer fuel tank can be more affordable than many smaller containers that meet the safety requirements.


Another advantage of fertilizer fuel tanks is their incredible versatility. They can be used to hold a wide range of materials including chemicals or flammable liquids. This means that they will be able to safely and securely hold your fertilizer no matter what its properties are. Most manufacturers are also willing to customize your fertilizer fuel tank if you have specific needs for the tank or simply want one that is not standard. They are also easy to install so you will have several options of where and when to have the installation done.

Fertilizer Fuel Tank Options

Although most manufacturers offer the option to customize fertilizer fuel tanks, this may not even be necessary simply because there are a great deal of options available. The tanks can range from small storage tanks all the way to huge ones that hold 110,000 liters depending on your needs. In addition you can choose between the common above ground fertilizer fuel tank or the self bunded tank. While the above tank will provide an easy and low cost installation in addition to simpler and more affordable maintenance, bunded storage tanks are generally more durable due to their double steel walls.


Whenever you are storing a product that can be dangerous to you, your employees and the surrounding area, safety should be one of the main concerns and in this aspect fertilizer fuel tanks are an excellent option. That is because these tanks are made with the sturdiest materials and are designed to withstand the stress of even the harshest chemicals, ensuring that your fertilizer will remain inside without causing any damage. Furthermore as you will have to transfer fertilizer less often if it is stored in a fertilizer fuel tank, you will cut down on the potential risks associated with transporting it.

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