Fuel Polishing Systems


Over time, fuel degrades and picks up many forms for contamination from the environment. This combination of sludge, dirt, dust and other particulates wreaks havoc on a fuel system, eventually causing engine failure.

Fuel Polishing is the active process of continuously maintaining fuel quality on a scheduled basis. This reduces unnecessary liability and consistently maintains the fuel above specification. In part or whole, failure is inevitable when particulates, dirt, wax, asphaltenes, water, microbial growth, sludge are present. They remove water, sludge, and sediments that naturally accumulate in diesel fuel tanks, while cleaning fuel tanks and restoring diesel fuel to a clear, bright, and pristine condition.

Envirosafe offers the most optimal fuel storage tank design on the market. This provides you with the cleanest fuel possible when used in conjunction with an AXI Fuel Polishing system.

Call us for a quote on a fuel polishing system to meet your bulk fueling needs.
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