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Above Ground Fuel Storage Tank Inspection Services

  • AST integrity testing for FDEP, per STI RP R912
  • Annual STI SP001AST tank inspection
  • Hydrostatic testing of spill containment, per F.A.C. 62-762.501.(b).8
  • Conduct annual operability test of interstitial monitoring device
  • Conduct annual operability test of new overfill prevention device(s), per STI SP001
  • Conduct verification of OFP device(s) 90% setpoint, per F.A.C. 62-762.501.(2).(e)
  • Generate reports detailing specifics of each inspection, as per FDEP requirements
  • Generate and provide AST inspection binder for use by site record-keeping, per F.A.C. 62-762.711
  • Provide on-site training to available personnel on required AST inspections and specific time intervals

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A Proud American Manufacturer!

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