Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

Portable Fuel Storage Cube. DOT Approved.

The oil and gas industry is under constant pressure to maintain a sustainable supply. If we use the right products along with technology, the oil & gas industry can run safely and efficiently to effectively achieve maximum productivity. On-site diesel machinery needs to be reliable and remain operational.

This is achievable by utilizing an on-site fuel storage tank system. This will allow you to work alongside your equipment, refueling machinery and vehicles on demand to reduce unnecessary downtime. Envirosafe offers a variety of sizes of mobile fuel storage cubes. They can help you by providing custom configured storage solutions for your operations. Our E-Cube Mobile fuel storage tanks have a major impact by saving time and costs.

Oil and Gas Industry
Limited Access Areas

For a logistically challenged area that requires access to fuel, the E-Cube Mobile can be lifted safely by crane or forklift, empty or full, quickly and easily.

On-Site Fuel Supply
You are able to easily refuel equipment on-site when needed in addition to saving time by not waiting for a fuel delivery.
Fuel Transport
Transporting fuel is easy, the E-Cube Mobile meets worldwide transport regulations, allowing you to safely transport fuel anywhere you need it. They’re also designed to stack inside shipping containers & across truck beds providing you with economical transport options.
Equipment & Fuel Station
The E-Cube Mobile is able to connect to multiple pieces of equipment at the same time as well as dispense fuel by pump when needed.
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