Municipal Fuel Storage Tanks

Municipal Fuel TanksEnvirosafe’s above ground fuel tanks have provided municipalities and their departments with convenient, reliable fuel storage solutions over past twenty years. Our double wall steel tanks are perfect for storing & dispensing fuel for public works, fire departments, police departments and more.

Municipal Fuel Tanks: Doing More With Less

Municipal departments are often on a strict budget, and Envirosafe™ Above Ground Fuel Storage Systems offers – more for less. Our double wall steel fuel storage tanks come completely assembled and ready to go.  All that is required is electrical for the pump & concrete pad for the tank.  That means less department money is spent on excavating for an underground storage tank or for additional parts for bare or partially assembled above ground storage tanks. Our tanks also require less space than traditional tanks, and reduce the risk of ground water contamination.

Government Fuel Storage: Making the Right Choice

Traditional underground tanks or concrete vaulted tanks are inconvenient and hazardous.  Municipalities often do not have the time and money to devote to sinking an underground tank, and concrete vaulted tanks are cumbersome and inconvenient. Add to that the possibility of leakage and concrete spalling, and you get a municipal money trap.

Envirosafe™ Above Ground Fuel Storage Systems is the best choice for cost-effective, safe, and reliable fuel storage.  Our tanks come fully assembled, are fire rated at two hours, and comply with all local, state and federal regulations for fire safety and containment.

Municipal Fuel Storage Systems: Double Wall Steel is Better

Municipal Fuel TanksOur double wall steel fuel tanks are also available in any configuration to suit your needs.  We manufacture our systems in horizontal or vertical shapes and our tanks are fully compatible with all fuel types including jet-a fuels, ethanol and biodiesel.

For more information about our tanks, visit our Fireguard and Flameshield pages.

Call us today to find out how an Envirosafe™ Above Ground Fuel Storage Systems tank could be the right choice for you.

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