Fuel Tank Spill Containment Bowls

    spill containment bowlsEnvirosafe carries Malo, Inc. Overspill Bowls for fuel tank spill containment. These Aluminum Spill Containment Bowls Eliminate hazardous spills and are available in (2) sizes: 5 and 7.5 gallon.

    All overspill bowls can be made with or without a drain.
    All Bowls can be shipped direct to your customer.

    Features Include:

    • Bowl and cover – All Aluminum
    • Dual Hinged seamless cover
    • Hasp for padlock
    • Couplings or Pipe nipples 2″ or 4″ for connecting to tank or container.
    • All aluminum bowl NO RUSTING PARTS.
    • All bowls are made of spun Aluminum giving the bowl added strength.
    • Waste Oil Bowl comes with an Expanded metal screen.


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