The STS 6020 Intelligent Fuel Management System is an enclosed system designed to optimize and maintain diesel fuel indefinitely. Adding an STS 6020 system will remove particulate, separate water, and condition stored fuel. The STS 6020 has the capability of maintaining multiple tanks with a single system. This innovative process stabilizes diesel and bio-fuels, eliminates microbial contamination, and ensures clean reliable fuel at all times.


The key to ensuring optimal fuel quality requires the removal and prevention of fuel contamination through filtration, the separation and removal of both free and emulsified water, and the conditioning of fuel to reduce the size of particulate clusters. All of these processes together, configured in a kidney loop fashion to maximize the amount of fuel being polished, is exceptionally executed utilizing an AXI Intelligent Fuel Management System.

Not for use with fluids that have a flash point below 100°F (37.8°C)

Flow Rate (@60Hz) 20 GPM/1200 GPH (75.7 LPM/4542 LPH)
Y-Strainer 20 Mesh
Mechanical Water Separator Specific Gravity Separation and Particulate Removal
Fine Filters/Water Block 1, 3, 10 or 25μ Particulate or 3, 10μWater Block
Fuel Conditioner LG-X 3000 Inline Conditioner
System Controller Programmable, Fully Automated UL 508ASMART Filtration Controller with BMS/BAS Interface and Digital Text Readout
Pump 3/4 HP Spur Gear Pump
Power 120V 60Hz 15A or 230V 50Hz 15A
Plumbing Stainless Steel
Ports 1 1/2” NPT In 1” NPT Out
Enclosure Cabinet NEMA 12 (IP55), 13 (IP65), 4 (IP66), and4X (IP66) Powder Coat or Stainless Steel
Dimensions 37” x 60” x 12” (H x W x D) (94 x 152 x 30 cm)
Weight 650 lbs (294.8 kg)
Ideal for Tank Sizes 15,000-30,000 Gallons (56,781-113,562 Liters)

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A Proud American Manufacturer!

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