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What sets the M1 dual hose dispenser apart from the others is its 2-hose option. With the M1, you are capable of dispensing multiple fluids [Diesel + DEF] [Diesel + Diesel]. It also comes with TECALEMIT’s line of Hornet W85 pumps [Diesel & DEF], which allow flow rates of 22 gpm [Diesel] and 10 gpm at the nozzle [DEF].


The M1 dual hose dispenser has a built-in automated inventory management system. The master of fluid management systems for multiple fueling points, the Superbox, comes included. It can track up to 10,000 transactions, and 4,000 drivers and vehicles [pin and key fob access]. Easily transport data through USB, LAN, or WLAN.


  • Product: [Diesel + DEF] [Diesel + Diesel]
  • Pump: Hornet W85 pumps [Diesel + DEF]
  • Flow rate: 22 gpm [Diesel], 10 gpm [DEF]
  • Inlet: 1 1/4″ FNTP [Diesel], 3/4″ FNTP [DEF]
  • Meter: Oval gear w/ pulse | 0.05% accuracy
  • Discharge hose: 1″ [Diesel], 3/4″ [DEF]
  • Management system: 10K transactions, 4K drivers and vehicles
  • Pin and key fob access
  • Dimensions: 19″ W x 17.5″ D x 56″ H


Compatible fluids:

  • Diesel
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

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