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Tank Management System with EPA-compliant in-tank leak detection. A truly low cost, high performance solution designed to meet all of your environmental compliance and inventory management needs. Complete with every feature you need, the TMS3000 has a simple, user-friendly interface.

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  • Extremely flexible, modular system architecture
  • Completely field configurable and upgradeable
  • Support for up to 12 precision, dual float magnetostrictive level probes


Provisions for monitoring up to 40 intrinsically safe discrete sensor inputs, including discriminating and non-discriminating interstitial, overfill, and secondary leak containment sensors. Sensor wiring fault detection feature ensures correct installation when used with Pneumercator “F” series fault output discrete sensors.

  • Plug-in Relay-I/O cards provide up to 8 fully programmable NO/NC relay contact outputs with 8 non-intrinsically safe dry contact inputs, or up to 32 fully programmable NO relay contact outputs.
  • Plug-in Analog Output card provides up to 12 fully programmable analog outputs.
  • Third party certified for 0.1 or 0.2 gph in-tank leak detection in tanks up to 75,000 gallons.
  • Optional internal impact printer for automatic or on-demand reports. Outdoor printer option available.


Remotely monitor and program via an included RS-232 serial port, from a central location via optional, secured, internal modem, or from a LAN/WAN via optional, secured, internal network interface card. RS-485 port included for connection to Pneumercator “smart” peripherals, such as remote display and annunciator panels.

  • Automatic shift inventory, unsupervised deliveries, bulk sales, alarms, leak test, water removal, product ordering, and theft logging.
  • NEMA 4 or 4X enclosure options available for harsh outdoor environments


TMS3000 collage Whether you’re managing a nationwide network of convenience stores or a single site, the TMS3000 streamlines the entire inventory collection and management process, while assuring EPA compliance. The system has been designed with a distributed architecture that allows for tremendous flexibility in configuring the system for your particular application.

The TMS3000 system has the ability to transmit live data as well as a wide variety of inventory and log information to an on-site PC via RS-232, via optional internal modem to a centralized location, or from a LAN/WAN via optional, secured, internal network interface card. Additionally, hard copy reports can be directed to an internal printer. Log data includes Shift Inventory, unsupervised deliveries, bulk sales, alarms, leak test, water removal, product ordering, and thefts.

  • The TMS3000 system is easy to install and use. System set-up can be performed using the front panel push buttons, or, via the RS-232, modem port, or TCP/IP.


System operation is logical and simple to use. In the VIEW mode, a single push button selects the display of product level, gross or net volume, percent volume, water level, or product temperature. A second push button selects the displayed tank, or enables the AUTO SCAN mode, which cycles through and presents data for each active tank for five seconds. The third push button is used to initiate an on-demand SYSTEM TEST. Various menus and sub-menus are also available via these same push buttons while in the ACCESS mode, including LOG, LEAK, CONFIG, CLOCK and SYSTEM INITIALIZATION.

For UST applications, the TMS3000 is a high precision Automatic Tank Gauge that provides advanced leak sensing capabilities which meet or exceed EPA 0.1 or 0.2 GPH requirements for in-tank leaks up to 75,000 gallon with a probability of detection of better than 97%, using high accuracy magnetostrictive level probes. The TMS3000 has also been designed to generate inventory management files in formats well suited for movement into Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) platforms.

For AST applications, the TMS3000’s large, super bright day/night readable display, oversized push buttons for gloved operation, and weatherproof enclosure option allow the bulk delivery vehicle driver/operator to view real-time, accurate inventory data right at the loading rack. Or, if preferred, the TMS can be located in the office with TMS peripheral remote display and/or annunciator panels located outdoors. The TMS3000’s 12 tank capacity means only one system is required for most AST installations. The system can provide external audible and visual overfill warnings and alarms, as well as control pumps or electrically activated valves, thereby avoiding costly overfill clean-ups.


The TMS3000 UST/AST Tank Management System

  • RS-232 Serial Port Standard
  • RS-485 peripheral bus standard.
  • Visual Alarm Indicators for Leak, Three Product Setpoints, Water Setpoint
  • Internal, Secured Modem, Fax/Modem, 10/100 network interface card, or Modbus RTU.
  • Displayed Quantities include: Product Level, Net/Gross Volume, Percent Volume, Ullage, Temperature and Water Level
  • Super Bright sunlight readable LED Display, Readable From 25 Feet
  • Locking Enclosure
  • Level Probe/IS External Sensor Interface Card (x3)
  • Front Panel Audible Alarm
  • Industrial Quality Push-Buttons Control Simple User-Friendly Operation
  • Compact 10″ x 12″ x 6″ Locking NEMA 12 Steel Enclosure, Optional NEMA 4 or 4X Available
  • Fully Programmable Relay Output/Non-IS Contact Closure Input Card (x2)
  • Fully programmable Analog Output card

The TMS3000 surpasses all other inventory management systems by offering three key advantages:

  • First, it’s simple to use. Everyone in your organization will be able to get the information they need at the push of a button.
  • Second, it’s sophisticated. You can get all the information you need, in the form you need, when you need it.
  • Third, the TMS3000 was developed by the best experts in the inventory measurement and management industry, with the future in mind.

The TMS3000 was developed utilizing state-of-the-art technology which offers:

  • EPA compliance for 0.1 or 0.2 gph in-tank leak detection in tanks up to 75,000 gallons.
  • Magnetostrictive level probe and IS discrete sensor capacities; 12 probes with 24 sensors, 8 probes with 32 sensors, 4 probes with 40 sensors.
  • Fault detection capable IS sensor inputs using Pneumercator “F” series discrete sensors
  • RS-232 serial port standard. Optional secured, internal modem, Fax/modem, 10/100 network interface card, or Modbus RTU. RS-485 peripheral bus standard.
  • Fully programmable plug-in relay output/contact closure input cards. Each card provides 4 10 amp @120 VAC relay contacts, and 4 dry contact inputs, OR 8 5 amp @120 VAC relay contacts, and 8 dry contact inputs, OR 16 5 amp @120 VAC relay contacts.
  • Fully programmable plug-in Analog Output card. Each card provides 6 or 12 output channels.
  • Real-time clock and log memory with battery back-up; Configuration data maintained in EEPROM
  • Superbright, sunlight-readable LED display with discrete LED annunciators for 5 alarm conditions; Leak, Setpoint 1, Setpoint 2, Setpoint 3 and Water.
  • Automatic logging of shift inventory, unsupervised deliveries, bulk sales, alarms, leak test, water removal, product ordering, and thefts.
  • Access live, log and configuration data via RS-232, modem port, or TCP/IP using TMSCOMM software
  • Automatic and manual hardcopy reports via optional internal printer.
  • Volumetric computations for steel and fiberglass tanks, including manifolded tanks and irregular geometries
  • System configuration can be performed at the site, or remotely via the serial, modem communications, or ethernet port.
  • “Black box” configuration available for ultra low-cost applications where serial or modem communications are used for collecting acquisition and log data; remote sites or SIR
  • Locking NEMA 12 enclosure standard, optional NEMA 4 or 4X available
  • Back-up generator applications supported
  • UL approved, file #E139464; CSA approval pending
  • 110/220 VAC operation. DC Input options available.

From our time-proven hydraulic, hydrostatic and direct reading gauges to our state-of-the-art electronic analog, digital and leak detection systems, the technology behind Pneumercator’s high-performance remote indicating gauges represents the latest in a steady stream of technical advances. Some of the technology is new, but it is far from untried or unproven. Pneumercator’s over 100 years of experience encompass significant advances in engineering and electronic design that adapt to the most rigorous environments: ones in which accuracy, reliability and flexibility are a necessity. Over the years, Pneumercator has consistently accommodated the industries’ changing requirements. Today we remain focused in providing quality liquid monitoring systems and look forward to helping you with your present and future needs.

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