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Bulk Fuel Storage vs Retail: a benefit analysis calculator

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Buying, storing, and dispensing fuel on-site isn’t for everyone. For many organizations buying fuel in bulk at “rack” vs retail pricing and dispensing on-site has many advantages. The idea of reducing fuel cost, by an average of $0.70 per gallon, is often reason enough. However, more and more organizations make the switch for other reasons that provide greater ROI than the bulk fuel itself. Many companies are beginning to realize all the money lost from time wasted at local gas stations and convenience stores. The average visit to a retail gas station costs the employer 47 minutes in lost productivity per employee per vehicle. Driving to and from the gas station + time spent buying drinks and snacks may seem trivial at first glance. Use the calculator below and you may be shocked to learn that using retail gas stations is reducing your profit by thousands every year.

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