Safety Tips For Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

For businesses who need to store a great deal of chemicals, above ground chemical fuel tanks are an excellent option as they will allow you to safely store bulk quantities of chemicals, provided of course that each tank only contains one type of chemical. These tanks have many advantages including preventing leakage of dangerous fluids as well as potential contamination but because of the nature of the chemicals being stored in the chemical fuel tanks it is important to keep in mind safety concerns as well. Here are some safety considerations to ensure that you, your employees and your business remain safe while using an above ground chemical fuel tank.

Check Before Buying

Being safe when using an above ground chemical fuel tank begins when you are selecting the right tank to purchase. That is because you want to ensure that everything about the tank itself, including design, construction and materials will be compatible with the chemical you plan to store. This is especially important if you will be storing a chemical that is highly reactive or dangerous. You also want to ensure that the tank will be able to store the chemical at the correct temperature and pressure as varying these factors could cause a leak or explosion depending on the chemical you will be storing.

Check The Tank Support Structure

A common feature of all above ground fuel tanks, whether they are chemical fuel tanks, fertilizer fuel tanks or used to store something else entirely, is that they will require a support structure. To ensure that the tank itself will remain secure, it is important that the support structure is built on a level and solid foundation that is strong enough to support the combined weight of the tank and the chemical. There are also options to add additional bracing to the stand’s legs if you would like to further ensure the security of the support structure.

Stay Clear Of Ignition Sources

Although not all chemicals are highly flammable, many of them are and therefore it is very important that when you set up your chemical fuel tanks that you do so at a distance from possible ignition sources. These include things such as static electricity, running engines, electrical appliances and naked flames. It is also important to post warning signs either on or next to the tank to ensure that no one lights a flame or smokes near the chemical fuel tank.

Use Trained Professionals

Because the fuel tank will be filled with a dangerous chemical, it is important that it is only handled by trained professionals. These professionals should have the training and experience to safely handle both the tank and the chemical contents of it as this will ensure the safety of them and those around them. The staff working with the chemical fuel tank should also know what precautions to take as well as what to do in an emergency situation involving the chemicals or the tank itself such as fire, damage, leakage or contact with the chemicals.

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