E-Cube Mobile 128G

The Envirosafe 1188G E-Cube Mobile is 110% contained. It is UL-142 and DOT certified and holds 1,188 gallons. It is a perfect portable fuel storage source and is easily stackable to allow you to haul fuel over the road. It can allow you to connect multiple pieces of equipment at once. Inside, it can hold an electric or hand pump as well as a hose reel. CALL FOR PRICING

ECube Mobile 1188g


UL-142 / ULC-S601

UN31 A/Y US D.O.T (View DOT Regulations)

CAN CGSB 43.143,2016

(IBC) Intermediate Bulk Container

Lifting when Full Certified

Vibration Tested

Standard Accessories

Primary Hatch Plate

Stacking Corners & Lifting Lug

Universal Pump Bracket

Optional Accessories

Dispensing Nozzle

Electric Pumps

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PRIMARY: 3” fusible fill cap, 2” pressure vacuum vent, standard breather vent, 3 x 1 1/4” feed.
Fitting Plate: Sockets, 3 x 1” return sockets, float level fuel gauge.
SECONDARY: Fitting Plate: Supplied with blank plate as standard, optional return & feed sockets available.

Capacity (Gallons)1,188Inner Tank Thickness(In)8 gauge(11/64″) base
Capacity (Liters)4,500Outer Tank Thickness(In)8 gauge(11/64″) base
11 gauge(1/8″) side wall
Length (Inches)121Weight, empty (lbs)3,527
Width (Inches)82Weight, with fuel (lbs)12,010
Height (Inches)50Safe Fuel Fill Level (Gallons)1,129
*Calculations are based on safe fill levels at 95% total tank capacity & specific gravity of diesel as 0.9
E-Cube Mobile 128G
1. External Lid

2. Primary Hatch Cover Lid

3. Stacking Cover with Lifting Lugs

4. Primary Hatch Fittings Plate

5. Bracket for Dispensing Nozzle

6. Internal Steel Fuel Pipes

7. Pump Bracket System

8. Hose Reel Brackets

9. Forklift Access

10. Secondary Hatch Cover Lid

11. Secondary Hatch Fittings Plate (fitting optional, extra)

12. Inner Primary Tank Lifting Lug

13. Inner Primary Tank

14. External Bund Tank

15. Skid Mounted Base Frame

16. Bi-Directional Forklift Pockets

Parts Description

Inner Tank: The inner tank is a primary storage tank having all fuel transfer accessories and externally encased within an outer bund tank.

Outer Tank: Outer bund designed to contain 110% on the inner tank volume it surrounds & wraps the main inner tank unit, has the interstitial space between inner & outer tanks. Therefore any potential leak that may occur will be cap­tured in this sealed space, preventing the release to the environment.

Top Lid: The top plate used to cover the inner tank.

Fuel Fill: Fuel fill inlet used to fill the inner fuel tank in a secure way, without sparks and spillages. Automatic or manu­al latch nozzles can be used for filling.

Fuel Suction: Feeding of the engine (through a pump). Fuel suction pipe provided up to the level of 4″ above from the bottom of the inner tank is used to withdraw fuel from the inner tank to the outlet unit (Genset/Engines). There are 2 suction points provided to feed the 2 units (Gensets/Engines) at the same time.

Fuel Return: Used as a return inlet for the excess fuel withdrawn from the tank. Normal Vent: Used to relieve vacuum and pressure of fuel as it expands and contracts.

Emergency Vent: Emergency vents are installed on aboveground storage tanks as a code requirement. Emergency vents provide high capacity pressure relief if the tank is exposed to fire. When the internal tank pressure reaches the opening pressure of the emergency vent, the weighted cover moves up on the center pin allowing air to escape. When the internal tank pressure falls, the cover automatically lowers back.

Fuel Level gauge: A fuel gauge is used to indicate the level of fuel contained in a tank. To measure or evaluate the remaining quantity of fuel in the tank.

Note: Over-fill provision can be provided as per client request.

Pump Kit: The pump kit takes the fuel from the day tank and uniformly flows the fuel to the required portable units with control of flow capacity.


Limited Access Worksites

For a logistically challenging site that requires fuel, an E-Cube can be safely lifted by crane or forklift quickly and easily.

Generator Equipment

An E-Cube can connect to multiple pieces of equipment at the same time and dispense fuel by pump when needed.

Fuel Transportation

They meet worldwide transport regulations, thus the E-Cube can transport fuel safely anywhere you need it.

On-Site Fuel Supply

You can easily fuel machinery on-site when needed and save time by not waiting for fuel delivery.

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