Extreme Fire & Ballistic Protection


Extreme Bullet & Fire Resistance:

Approximate Time In Stage: 3 to 4 Days

At this stage, your new tank’s interstitial space is filled with a proprietary lightweight concrete thermal insulator.

All Fireguard® tanks are approved UL 2085 but not all UL 2085 above-ground fuel storage tanks qualify as Fireguard® certified tank. UL 2085 requires only a 2-hour fire-resistant design. Fireguard® certified designs have proven to survive a more brutal 4-hour furnace test.

In addition, our Fireguard certified tanks are built to, “at a minimum”, survive 5 shots from a .30 caliber rifle projectile and shot from 100 ft away. The projectile must be at least 150 grain M2 Ball ammunition exiting the barrel at a minimum of 2700 ft/ sec.

The specialized concrete variant used by Envirosafe™ ensures that your finished product is lighter than a standard concrete protected tank while offering superior ballistic, fire, and impact protection.

The concrete chosen for the task is perlite, crystalline silica, and Portland cement combined with proprietary admixtures. When combined as an insulator between our high integrity primary inner and secondary outer tanks … the final product is one of the toughest above-ground fuel storage solutions money can buy.

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