Step #3

Raw Materials & Parts

Approximate Time In Stage: 7 to 14 Days

Once your team has approved and signed off on final design drawings the production process is triggered. Your project is then formally added to the production schedule All raw materials and parts are then requisitioned for delivery to our main production facility.

All steel used for the construction of an Envirosafe™ tank is sourced from American steel plants with only rare project exceptions. We provide a detailed report on the steel used for every Envirosafe™ system. This MTR (mill test report) is provided by the steel manufacturer and shows steel type, thickness, tensile strength, and place of origin among many details your organization may require to qualify for any Made in America incentives available through local, state, or federal agencies and programs.

Download MTR Report For a Recent Commercial Fleet Fireguard® Project 

A few of our US-based product partners

Aside from high-quality America sourced steel many of our turn-key systems include key parts manufactured by the following US-based manufacturers:

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A proud American manufacturer for over 30 years!

A Proud American Manufacturer!

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