Project Drawings For Above Ground Fuels Storage Tanks & Systems


Engineering Drawings

Approximate Time In Stage: 5 Days to 2 Weeks
Option #1 Standard System Configurations Instantly Accessible:

In the drop-down menu under the main menu category New Tanks & Systems you can navigate to detailed drawings that include accurate dimensions, equipment placement, and approximate weight for our most common UL 2085 Fireguard® above ground fuel storage system configurations. Once you have selected a category such as Commercial Fleet Systems, Generator Systems, or any other category simply select the tank capacity best suited for your situation. You will then be taken to the actual product page for that configuration. To the right of the product image, you will find a link to a PDF version of the engineering drawing for that product. From there you can view, print, or download.

Option #2: Purchase Custom Product Drawings With No Additional Commitment

This is a great option when working with a project in which the above-ground fuel system is just a small part of a much larger project. If you want to specify greater detail for a public bid. Or if you want to simply shop an amazing design around to other manufactures. We are confident no one else in the industry will be willing to deliver the same high level of quality dictated in the engineering drawings at our price or less. When it comes to manufacturing complete and turn-key above-ground fuel system no one in the world has our level of experience or can compete with our level of quality and efficiency.  Our turn-key systems are trusted by government agencies and major corporations all around the globe. 

Custom engineering drawings for both complete systems and bare tanks can be purchased separately and take approximately 1 – 3 weeks to complete depending on the complexity of the custom design and 3rd party accessories you choose for your new system.

A one time charge of $500 is all you pay for a complete set of custom drawings for any configuration including:

*The charge for “Aviation Fuel System” drawings is $1500

Once you commit to the manufacturing of an Envirosafe™ system you receive a credit equal to the drawing fee toward the purchase of your new system. 

Option #3: Place A Deposit On Any Custom System

No charge for drawings done to support an Envirosafe™ commissioned project. 90% or more of all drawings manifest under this option. Our sales engineers are all experienced veterans of the above-ground fuel storage industry. Once your deposit is received engineering is notified and begins working on your first draft of drawings right away. Once your organization is 100% satisfied with a set of drawings and has signed off on all pages we will begin the manufacturing process. 

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