The Envirosafe E-Cube is 110% contained. We have an E-Cube Mobile line that is UL-142 and DOT certified, as well as a Stationary Model. They are a perfect portable fuel storage source and are easily stackable. The E-Cube Mobile allows you to haul fuel over the road. You can connect multiple pieces of equipment at once. Inside they can hold an electric or hand pump as well as a 30ft hose reel.

E-Cube Mobile Fuel Storage Cubes

Our Fuel Cube Line

E-Cube Mobile

The Envirosafe E-Cube is 110% contained. Our E-Cube Mobile line is UL-142 and DOT certified. They are a perfect portable fuel storage source and are easily stackable to allow you to haul fuel over the road. They can allow you to connect multiple pieces of equipment at...

Design Features

  • Bi-directional forklift plates, internal baffle plates, galvanized hatch plates, stacking corners & lifting lugs for safe & easy handling
  • Designed to stack inside shipping containers & across truck beds
  • Unique Hexagonal corners for extra strength, two letter box openings for safe & secure hose connections
  • Large designed dispensing gun equipment compartment with fixed arrangements to carry hose reels, pumps, gun nozzles, cables, batteries & alarms
  • 110% bunded tank capacity – to meet the global environmental regulations
  • Completely removable inner tank for easy maintenance & cleaning
  • Primary & * secondary hatch plates – for multiple use & versatility.
  • * Space efficient design – easily stacked 2 high when full & 3 high when empty
  • Unique pitched outer lid – designed to allow for dust & rain regress
  • The primary hatch plates comes with a secure lockable design & has beading around the lid closing position
  • The primary hatch plate is fitted with a 3″ fill pipe, three- 1″ return pipes & three- 1 1/4″ feed pipes as standard for multiple use

Approvals & Certifications

  • * UL-142 / UL-S601
  • (IBC) Intermediate Bulk Container
  • * Vibration Tested
  • * UN31 A/Y US D.O.T (View DOT Regulations)
  • * Lifting when Full Certified 125G to 792G
  • * UN31A/Y Certified to haul Diesel by road.


* E-Cube Mobile only


Limited Access Worksites

For a logistically challenging site that requires fuel, an E-Cube can be safely lifted by crane or forklift quickly and easily.

Fleet Refueling

In remote locations or at your facility, the E-Cube Stationary can be fitted to refuel your fleet and reduce any unneeded downtime.

On-Site Fuel Supply

You can easily fuel machinery on-site when needed and save time by not waiting for fuel delivery.

Generator Equipment

An E-Cube can connect to multiple pieces of equipment at the same time and dispense fuel by pump when needed.

Re-test and Inspection of IBCs

A thorough exam of your E-Cube needs to be done every 2.5 years and must include:

  • Leakproofness Test
  • External Visual Inspection of Tank, Markings and Equipment
  • Inner Tank Inspection


Read more about the requirements for testing and inspection of IBCs here.

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