748A Pressure Vacuum Vent

748A Pressure Vacuum Vent




Pressure vacuum vent designed for installation on top of the vent pipe of an above ground or underground storage tank. Poppets seal vapors in the tank when pressure is equalized. The vent allows the tank to breathe during filling and dispensing operations. This vent must be used in conjunction with an emergency vent. It is recommended that the opening pressure setting is set below that of the emergency vent so the normal vent operates first. Settings are approximate.

NOTE: Normal vents such as pressure vacuum and updraft vents for above ground storage tanks should be sized according to NFPA 30 (2012) 21.4.3.

Standard Features

  •  Vents outward and upward in compliance with NFPA 30
  •  Tri-polar mounting screws for mounting exhaust hood in any of three positions

Construction Details

  • Body, seats, and hood: Aluminum
  • Poppets: Brass
  • Screens: Stainless steel


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748A-0100 AV 2" 2oz Pressure Vacuum Vent, Brass Internals, 748A-0200 AV 2" 4oz Pressure Vacuum Vent, Brass Internals, 748A-0300 AV 2" 6oz Pressure Vacuum Vent, Brass Internals, 748A-0400 AV 2" 8oz Pressure Vacuum Vent, Brass Internals, 748A-0500 AV 2" 12oz Pressure Vacuum Vent, Brass Internals, 748A-0600 AV 2" 16oz Pressure Vacuum Vent, Brass Internals

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