Commercial Fuel Filtration – Centurion Series

Commercial Fuel Filtration – Centurion Series

Centurion Housings

The Centurion Commercial Filter Housing is designed for high-volume applications.  It is compatible with gasoline, diesel, ethanol blends up to 15%, biodiesel up to B20, and ULSD. They drain for easy water removal and have a parallel flow.


Centurion Single 30 GPM

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Part # 40001
In/Out: 1″ NPT
# of Elements: 1

Centurion Double 60 GPM

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Part # 40013
In/Out: 1 1/2″ NPT
# of Elements: 2

Centurion Triple 90 GPM

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Part # 40020
In/Out: 2″ NPT
# of Elements: 3

The Centurion is available in a single (up to 30 gpm flow, 1″NPT), double (up to 60 gpm flow, 1 1/2″NPT), and a triple (up to 90 gpm flow, 2″NPT) housing.  The single unit requires one element, the double, two, and the triple, three elements.  There are six elements available in different media types and micron levels. The benefits of the Centurion are:


  • Assures delivery of quality fuel
  • Cleaner change-out with drain design
  • Eco-friendly reusable housing
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